Hotel and Congress Center Ingolstadt

2020 – 2023

Maritim Hotel – façade made of Jura limestone (sampling, quality assurance in production and on site during implementation)  MORE

Tafelhof Palace Nuremberg

2019 – 2022

Facades made of Spanish limestone (quality assurance on site for two years)

Hong Kong Pacific Place

2017 – 2022

Facade with 60,000 square meters – Search for granite stones in Brazil, Canada, France that are suitable for the climate in Hong Kong or search for the appropriate quarry size – Quality assurance and verification of the quarry then found over two years – Verification of the production of hockey-like workpieces for the client 2017 to 2022 – Granite from Brittany, France  MORE

Jakobsplatz Synagogue in Munich

2004 – 2007

Crust façade made of Gauinger travertine – assistance with detailed planning, inspection of stone extraction and anchoring / quality assurance on the building site for the client  MORE

Alstertal shopping center Hamburg

2004 – 2006

Facade and floor exterior and interior made of Jura limestone Client – quality control in the quarries, production check, site inspections up to acceptance and further quality monitoring according to VDI 6200 – building site from 2004 to 2006, annual inspections from 2015  MORE

Abu Dhabi Mosque

2001 – 2004

Worldwide search for 10,000 cubic meters of pure white marble for His Highness and testing the feasibility of inlay work in India – Makrana marble, Sivec marble, Drama marble, Namibia White  MORE


Nuremberg party rally grounds

2021 – 2023

Congress Hall – archive research, search for concentration camps, inspection of loose stones with clarification of the question of whether stones from one of the four concentration camp quarries were used for the Congress Hall  MORE

Munich Police Headquarters

1998 – 2023

Recurring inspection of the façade from 1943 with a real steel skeleton construction with infills and tuff stones

Maxburg Munich


Investigation report of the then completely new anchoring system with reinforced concrete skeleton construction / reinforced concrete / presentation of the first attempts at that time to create a safe system including extensive archive research in cooperation with the Chair of Modern Building Preservation at the Technical University of Munich (Prof. Dr. Putz)

St. Ursula Church Munich

1995 – 2022

Damage mapping, concept development, tendering, construction management of the campanile and choir – with interruptions  MORE

Salzburg Cathedral

1998 – 2006

After the first on-site concept had failed, a concept was drawn up for the upcoming second renovation. The work included damage mapping from a cherry picker, description in a bill of quantities and site supervision – with interruptions  MORE

Regensburg Stone Bridge

1996 – 2006

Sampling phase with the aim of creating a concept for the main renovation – commendation by the city of Regensburg and obtaining a project for the German Federal Environmental Foundation with the help of the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Monuments – with interruptions

Olympic Stadium Berlin

2002 – 2005

Creation of a renovation concept for an architectural competition (gmp Architekten Hamburg); the competition for the conversion for the 2006 Football World Cup was also won on this basis, refinement of the concept until it was ready for execution – creation of a performance specification – specialist construction management with the difficulty of taking into account ongoing events (Hertha BSC soccer; rock concerts during the summer break)  MORE

Academy of Fine Arts

1998 – 2004

Academy of Fine Arts in Munich – damage mapping, concept development, tendering, construction management for the Free State of Bavaria  MORE

Ministry of Aviation Berlin

Reichsluftfahrtministerium Berlin (now the Federal Ministry of Finance), creation of a concept for a refurbishment in line with the requirements of a listed building, taking into account the façade structure (back mortar / Berlin anchor), search for suitable types of shell limestone, specialist site management.


Natural stone offers infinite value and status through its formation over millions of years and its unique character, color, texture and durability.

Inclusions and layers of stone tell stories that instill respect; natural stone represents creation and transience like no other building material.

Great respect and the ultimate feel for stone are required when it comes to choosing the right stone for your project. Specialist knowledge and decades of experience, which are often only passed on internally, are in demand and priceless. Even if design and sales already have an idea, they cannot be left alone here.

Which stone, from which quarry, is suitable for realizing the architect’s design. A deep knowledge that the client can trust. Transparency and partnership relieve the burden on those responsible in advance and ensure the desired effectiveness, which is the basis for the added value of the buildings.

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