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Safety and transparency are the key benefits for you as a contractor and client in natural stone projects. RITTER Stone is on your side with experience and knowledge to guarantee success.


Search for quarries

Whether a few square meters or 10,000 cubic meters – we select the right quarry according to your color wishes and requirements. In doing so, we can draw on decades of worldwide experience.

We know quarries in Europe as well as in China, India, South Africa, the USA, Canada and Brazil.

If we shortlist several stones, we first enquire about the possible quarries, present the stones to you and then we travel to the quarry to inspect the current situation and evaluate it according to economic criteria (e.g. the expected loss due to geological disturbances, cuts, color and structure fluctuations, raw block sizes to be achieved in economic formats). In the case of monopoly quarries, we look for adequate alternatives.

Due to our previous practical work in quarries, we are well able to distinguish between fiction and truth.

In the case of large objects or geological fault zones in a quarry, it has proven useful to additionally check the quality with microscopic stone examinations.

The technical values of a stone must be tested – we can offer this via a testing laboratory accredited for the respective tests – as well as evaluating existing test certificates.

We also inspect reference objects made of the stone and evaluate their appearance to see whether they can be compared with the new building project to be realized.

Evaluation of quarries in Germany and other countries

Once the stone has been determined, it must be ensured that the contractually guaranteed quality is also delivered.

Although it is legally, it is unfortunately not always adhered to practice;
trouble is inevitable, and a monetary reduction is often the result.
Our quality assurance checks these contractually guaranteed properties.

Sample areas have proven their effectiveness. We check whether this sample area is sufficient to be able to represent the whole area and we point out foreseeable consequences if the sampling is too good. In most cases, there would be another sampling. We create a technical documentation with text and pictures, which is signed by the client/architect and stone supplier and which is binding for everyone.

We check whether the raw blocks are extracted from the quarrying horizon, whether the agreed stone is delivered at all and whether the criteria of the sample area are met.

We check the production machines and the workpieces for compliance with the contractually agreed tolerances, which may also be below the relevant DIN tolerances.

The focus is also on the economic aspects, e.g. in the evaluation of the latest technical processing methods.

If the production company requires support in the creation of work lists, we will be happy to help.

Quality assurance in the production company (quarry / cutting)

Quality assurance in the quarry / production ensures that only the contractually agreed stone qualities reach the construction site. Now it must be ensured that the recognized rules of technology are also applied to the installation work.

We guarantee this with inspections on the building site in consultation with the client (even unannounced).

Due to our own experience in the fixing of natural stone slabs, we know only too well where problems lie dormant, where installation companies like to conceal them and cheat their way through at the client’s expense. We check all facts that affect public safety and pay attention to sustainable freedom from damage and minimization of maintenance.

This is why we also ask the foreman uncomfortable questions, discuss them with the site management, help to resolve problems and point out special solutions which can also be approved by a structural engineer. For example, it was possible to prevent a 3,000 square meter façade from having to be demolished again.

Quality assurance is therefore about discovering hidden defects which are no longer visible in the finished state at an early stage and creating trust with the installers, in line with the motto: “We all have the same goal and are not working against each other, but with each other!”

That’s why we are also present at the final inspection.

Quality controls on building site

Announced and unannounced quality controls on building site serve to maintain the target condition in accordance with the contract. If there are any discrepancies, the reasons for the ACTUAL status are discussed in an objective meeting and solutions are proposed. Furthermore, the ACTUAL state is documented in words and pictures.

As a rule, protocols from the building site meetings are drawn up within a maximum of two days

Creation of thin sections

Is the desired stone installed?

If there is any doubt about the quality of the stone supplied, or if the appearance of the stone cannot be clarified, we can use microscopy, for example, to clarify the composition and properties of the stone and give recommendations on how to proceed.

You will receive an extensive documentation in comprehensible words and pictures with different scales. Embedded in this are numberings that explain the respective appearances.

RITTER Stone advises architects, building owners and engineers as they come up with ideas for their construction project. With feasibility studies and in-depth specialist knowledge, the use of natural stone from all over the world is so extensive that Ritter Stone with Dr. Anette Ritter-Höll should be your indispensable advisor for safety and added value from day one.


Here you will find some interesting excerpts from our projects in the area of new construction and renovation.


Natural stone offers infinite value and status through its formation over millions of years and its unique character, color, texture and durability.

Inclusions and layers of stone tell stories that instill respect; natural stone represents creation and transience like no other building material.

Great respect and the ultimate feel for stone are required when it comes to choosing the right stone for your project. Specialist knowledge and decades of experience, which are often only passed on internally, are in demand and priceless. Even if design and sales already have an idea, they cannot be left alone here.

Which stone, from which quarry, is suitable for realizing the architect’s design. A deep knowledge that the client can trust. Transparency and partnership relieve the burden on those responsible in advance and ensure the desired effectiveness, which is the basis for the added value of the buildings.

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