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Our lectures on all topics relating to natural stone are becoming increasingly popular. We are very open to all requests and always tailor the lectures to the participants’ prior knowledge and the topic.

You never stop learning!

Lectures on ALL natural stone topics

The topic can provide an overview of the “Variety of stones – why are there so many stones?” as well as special topics, e.g. “What should be considered when installing natural stone floors inside?” or “What are the pitfalls when installing natural stone façades?”, as well as an “Overview of the latest German and European standardization – what are the trends?” and, last but not least, a “Presentation of the recognized rules of technology in the preservation of historical monuments with regard to natural stone renovations”.

We have often heard “a-ha” experiences from participants during presentations, which has often led to very stimulating discussions among the audience.

Excursions to interesting stones - always worth the trip

Practice opens the eyes!

Lectures are often combined with excursions – for example, the lecture can be followed by a question and answer session / exchange of experiences in the morning and a visit to a quarry with production workshops in the afternoon.

Excursions lasting several days are also possible – e.g. to more distant countries combined with a visit to reference buildings.

In most cases, we deliberately keep the number of participants on excursions small to allow more time for discussion.

Talk to us – we will find the right program for you!



Here you will find some interesting excerpts from our projects in the area of new construction and renovation.


Natural stone offers infinite value and status through its formation over millions of years and its unique character, color, texture and durability.

Inclusions and layers of stone tell stories that instill respect; natural stone represents creation and transience like no other building material.

Great respect and the ultimate feel for stone are required when it comes to choosing the right stone for your project. Specialist knowledge and decades of experience, which are often only passed on internally, are in demand and priceless. Even if design and sales already have an idea, they cannot be left alone here.

Which stone, from which quarry, is suitable for realizing the architect’s design. A deep knowledge that the client can trust. Transparency and partnership relieve the burden on those responsible in advance and ensure the desired effectiveness, which is the basis for the added value of the buildings.

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