Expert judgements



Dr. Anette Ritter-Höll is a publicly certified expert from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria.

When nothing else helps

Judical, extrajudical

If there is no other option, we prepare expert judgements, judical and extrajudical.

If the extrajudicial expert judgements become part of court proceedings, Ms. Ritter-Höll is also present in the courtroom – if the presiding judge allows it – at hearings of the court-appointed expert in these proceedings and asks expert questions, often with surprising turns of phrase, on behalf of the party.



Disputes are avoidable!

I would much rather be allowed to take action before a dispute arises than to prepare expert judgements, as the files always speak the same language: the dispute could have been avoided in advance if …, yes, if – it is usually only disregarded minor details that often produce boxes of court files.

“They only call us when the confusion is there.”

Hermann Ritterin an interview in 1993 with the magazine "Naturstein architektur"


We work closely with clients to gain an understanding of your desires both philosophical and practical.


Natural stone offers infinite value and status through its formation over millions of years and its unique character, color, texture and durability.

Inclusions and layers of stone tell stories that instill respect; natural stone represents creation and transience like no other building material.

Great respect and the ultimate feel for stone are required when it comes to choosing the right stone for your project. Specialist knowledge and decades of experience, which are often only passed on internally, are in demand and priceless. Even if design and sales already have an idea, they cannot be left alone here.

Which stone, from which quarry, is suitable for realizing the architect’s design. A deep knowledge that the client can trust. Transparency and partnership relieve the burden on those responsible in advance and ensure the desired effectiveness, which is the basis for the added value of the buildings.

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